Monthly Archives: October 2013

Universal 21-50 Tower Installation

My first tower installation at the K2ADA Radio Ranch.  The Universal 21-50 is an aluminum 50 ft tower rated at 21 sq ft of wind load.  It is self supporting, and requires a substantial base of concrete: 5’x5’x6′.  The hole was dug by hand, no , not by me.  Caruthers concrete dug the hole and provided the forms and concrete – lots of it.  Here are some photos of the hole, steel base and the first tower section.

Antennas and Tower for the Radio Ranch

The tower has arrived (Universal 21-50), and the main multi band HF antenna is on order.  After much consideration and research, I ordered the KIO Broadband Hexagonal Beam.  6 bands, one feed line and twenty pounds.  I really considered a Mosley TA-54-XLN-6 and, one day, I may still end up with one.  I’ve sized the tower (21 sqft wind load) and rotor (hy-gain IV with up to 15 sqft of wind load) to turn a much larger antenna than the hex beam.  The TA-54 has a 21ft boom, longest element 30ft, and weighs 87 lbs.  It’s a bit of a beast.  Of course there is a big difference in gain:  4 elements compared to 2, but I like the light wind load of the hex and it will make the raising of the tower much less of an adventure.

The tower will also support two Comet GP-3 VHF/UHF ground planes and the surrounding trees will support a Buckmaster 7 Band OCF Dipole and an Alpha Delta 80/40 inverted V Dipole.