Monthly Archives: June 2015

FlexRadio 6300

I’m really loving the FlexRadio 6300.  It’s a joy to operate, and the display makes easy work of spotting stations on the recent 6 meter openings.  Flex just announced the Maestro Control Console.  Here’s more info from Flex:


 ● Optimized workflow for contest/DX operation
● Desire for SDR benefits with physical controls
● Simple portable/remote operation
● No need for a PC

Maestro provides just the right physical controls (knobs and buttons) along with a brilliant 8 inch HD touch display to allow you to operate efficiently anywhere on your home LAN from the shack to the patio. Some of the world’s top contest/DX operators helped us design the control surface ergonomics and workflow. Whether you are a serious contester or a casual operator, we are confident you will find that Maestro will enhance your operation as well.


To learn more, see the updated Maestro brochure, FAQ, and product video on our website on the Maestro product information page.