Monthly Archives: August 2019

New Tower Project

The new tower project is complete and in use. The 2 meter repeater antenna has been taken down and replaced by several antennas. At the top of 70ft Rohn 25g is a dual band VHF/UHF vertical at 80ft. Below that, a JK Antennas Mid-Tri-40 at 73ft. This is a quad band Yagi with 2 elements on 40m, 3 elements on 20m, 4 elements on 15m and 5 elements on 10m – all on a a 26ft boom. The Yagi is turned by a Yaesu 2800 rotor. Side mounted on the tower, is a stack of 6m Par Electronics Omniangles. Also installed, an arm to support a 80m dipole.

K2ADA JK Mid-Tri-40 – Installed August 2019