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New Tower Project

The new tower project is complete and in use. The 2 meter repeater antenna has been taken down and replaced by several antennas. At the top of 70ft Rohn 25g is a dual band VHF/UHF vertical at 80ft. Below that, a JK Antennas Mid-Tri-40 at 73ft. This is a quad band Yagi with 2 elements on 40m, 3 elements on 20m, 4 elements on 15m and 5 elements on 10m – all on a a 26ft boom. The Yagi is turned by a Yaesu 2800 rotor. Side mounted on the tower, is a stack of 6m Par Electronics Omniangles. Also installed, an arm to support a 80m dipole.

K2ADA JK Mid-Tri-40 – Installed August 2019

Wires-X Digital Rooms

These are PDN only rooms that have a good amount of traffic. 

Yard-Dogs              (40383-#)

Ohio-Lnk               (40557-#)

Yaesu-PDN              (43369-#)

The Darc Room          (28439-#)

CQ Canada              (40678-#)

All digital, all the time. 

Fusion nets

Times ::  EST / EDT (Except as noted)

Mon 7:30 PM MNWIS / BARS #21493/FCS002-23

Mon 7:30 PM S. Ohio Link Net #21427

Tue 7:00 PM DVRA 440 Digital Net #21011

Tue 7:30 PM Nebraska Ragchew Net #21659

Tue 8:00 PM Upstate NY Fusion NET #21704

Tue 8:00 PM Alabama Link Net #21568/FCS002-02

Tue 9:00 PM  God’s Country Net (No. Mi)  #43032  

Tue 9:00 PM Cent. IL Link Net #21179

Wed 9:00 PM CQ Canada Fusion  Network #40678

Wed 9:00 PM Yellow River net #40383 **

Thu 7:00 PM Texas Fusion Net #21685

Thu 7:00 PM  E. Michigan Tech Net –   #28298 

Thu 8:00 PM Illinois Link Net –  #21565  

Thu 9:00 PM  God’s Country Net (No. Mi)  #43032  

Thu 9:00 PM  Kings County Radio Club –  #40821  

Sat 8:00 PM America Link’s Round Table  #21080/FCS002-90

Sun 8:00 PM Oklahoma Link #21733

Sun 8:30 PM   Ohio-Link      #40557**              

** indicates a PDN digital net. 

Curtis D. Levin

Yaesu Portable Node Station

Yaesu WiRES-X FT2DR Portable Node Station Cable Kit

Yaesu is very excited to announce that the firmware update for the FT2DR, along with the latest WiRES-X PC Software (V1.50), has been released on our official website (  This update will now enable the FT2DR to work as a WiRES-X Portable Node Station with the following firmware and the WiRES-X software:

 – FT2D MAIN FW V3.10 – FT2D DSP FW V4.31 – WiRES-X PC Software V1.50

To set up a Portable Digital Node Station with the FT2DR, the SCU-39 WiRES-X connection cable kit accessory is required.

Users can now easily establish and operate a WiRES-X Portable Node Station by directly connecting the FT2DR to the PC with the SCU-39.  The conventional HRI-200 internet interface kit is no longer required for the Portable Digital Node function, and no fixed or dynamic global IP address is necessary.  Since users do not need to open an Ethernet port, the WiRES-X communication from any location is possible: such as Hotel rooms, Airports, Vehicle Wi-Fi, or even Wi-Fi Access Points.

 With this new Portable Digital Node Function, users can gain access to WiRES-X Network directly by using the USB connected FT2DR with the radios PTT and microphone. The need to have an additional radio to talk to a node radio is no longer needed in order to enjoy the WiRES-X Network. The USB connected FT2DR/E can also function as an Access Point for RF communication.  Four different types of operation modes are available.  For more information, please refer to the operation manual which is posted on our official website (

Exciting new features of WiRES-X PC Software (V1.50) includes the following two updates:

      •Sub-code Function: When selecting DG-ID ‘00’ in the WiRES-X software (under the transceiver settings) you can select a Sub-code from “00” to “26”. When the DG-ID and sub-code are set to “00,” the node relays C4FM digital signals of all DG-ID numbers.  When a sub-code is set with a value of “01” – “26,” the node relays C4FM digital signals with the sub-code that is matched.  This will allow multiple open nodes (DG-ID ‘00’) to work within the same communication range; this function is useful to avoid interference between nodes. 

      •Digital Only Room: A Digital Room can be set up if desired with the WiRES-X PC Software V1.50 (Note: The HRI-200 is needed in order to create a room.)

With the Portable Digital Node function, the flexibility and mobility of the WiRES-X Network will be available all the time. Firmware updates will be released soon that will make it possible for the FTM-400XDR and FTM-100DR transceivers to function as a Portable Digital Node. We believe that this new WiRES-X functionality will contribute to the growth of the YAESU C4FM (System Fusion) network.