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Fusion Simplex Freq

Recommended simplex frequencies for Fusion in the U.S.:




(notice the pattern? – easy to remember)

It is further suggested that those who are on-the-road, set their radios to 147.525 with GM on. That way if another traveler gets within range, you can start a QSO.

Fusion on 29.520 should not create interference. This is a repeater input and all FM repeaters are required to use CTCSS decode which Fusion will not trigger. Keep in mind that when the band is open, there are several repeaters on any given 10 meter channel.

53.520 is a 6 meter simplex channel and likely gets little to no use.

There may be conflicts with 147.525 use in some areas. It does appear that 147.525 will work in the vast majority of the country.

Please keep these frequencies in mind. It would be really great to define several Fusion simplex frequencies where we can go to hang out.

Chris, K9EQ